ERKE was founded in 2007 to provide electrical project design, lighting and application consultancy services, and has expanded its scope of service with consultancy in the fields of green and sustainable building, products and materials, and corporate sustainability from 2009 on.

ERKE Sustainable Building Design and Consultancy offers the most innovative and creative consultancy solutions for clients through its team of interdisciplinary experts: electrical project design staff with experience in over a hundred projects, team of architects providing green building consultancy, product sustainability and corporate sustainability services, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers.

ERKE is located in the LEED Platinum certified ERKE Green Academy building in Üsküdar, İstanbul.  The building hosts ERKE’s administrative offices and green building courses while functioning as an information center on sustainable buildings open to all professionals, students and visitors interested in green buildings. Visitors have the opportunity to see green materials, sustainable products and systems in on site and get informed about them through the information boards provided.

For more information on the ERKE Green Academy Building and our trainings on sustainability, please