What is Al Sa'fat Certification?

Al Sa’fat Certification is a robust evaluation system for green buildings within the Emirate of Dubai. Its primary objectives are to enhance the living environment, boost energy efficiency, optimize infrastructure, and align with Dubai's Strategic Plan for sustainable urban development.

What are the Key Features of Al Sa'fat Certification?

Developed by Dubai Municipality, the Al Sa’fat Certification system is meticulously tailored to address Dubai's sustainability requirements. It is mandatory for all new construction projects, additions, extensions, and refurbishments requiring a building permit from Dubai Municipality. This certification is also required for any modifications that could potentially reduce a building's energy efficiency.

Which building types are eligible for Al Sa'fat Certification?

Al Sa'fat Certification is applicable to a wide range of building types, including villas, residential/commercial structures, public buildings, and industrial facilities. Specific clauses within the regulations apply to different building typologies.

What are the different certification levels for Al Sa'fat?

Al Sa'fat Certification offers three levels:

  • Silver Sa'fa
  • Golden Sa'fa
  • Platinum Sa'fa

What categories are evaluated in Al Sa'fat Certification?

Buildings are evaluated across the following categories in Al Sa’fat Certification:

Ecology & Planning

Building Vitality

Energy Efficiency

Resource Effectiveness: Water

Resource Effectiveness: Materials and Waste

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