5 LEED Certificates for Modern Palaces


The Modern Palaces Project developed by Misa Group received 5 separate LEED certificates for its 5 separate buildings with 47 points in the BD+C New Construction category awarded by the Green Buildings Council of America (USGBC) during the process conducted under the Green Building consultancy of ERKE Sustainable Building Design Consultancy.

As a result of the studies carried out by ERKE within the scope of the LEED certificate, the Modern Palaces built on 12,500 square meters in Alanya were entitled to receive the LEED certificate.
* Sustainable Plots
The project is located on a land that is easily accessible to public transportation vehicles. Light-colored materials have been preferred in order to prevent the heat island effect in harsh landscaping and roofs.
• Water Efficiency
As a result of the extensive studies carried out by the project team, a total of 37% water savings were achieved.
* Energy and Atmosphere
All the studies have been carried out in order to optimize the energy performance. The total energy savings achieved in the project is 21%.
* Materials and Resources
33% of the materials used in Modern Palaces are selected from recycled materials. The Construction Waste Management Plan has been implemented in order to ensure the proper disposal of the waste that will occur during construction.
* Indoor Air Quality
During the construction process, a Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan was implemented to control indoor air quality.