Abdullah Gül University Received LEED Silver!


The award-winning campus received a Green Building certificate under the supervision of ENERGY!

Kayseri Abdullah Gül University, the first foundation-supported state university in Turkey designed by Emre Arolat Architects, was awarded a LEED Silver Certificate by scoring 51 points in the BD+C: New Construction category awarded by the Green Buildings Council of America (USGBC) under ERKE's green building consultancy.

The AGU Sumer Campus Project received the first prize in the “Educational Buildings” category at the World Architecture Festival held in Singapore in 2012. The newly constructed Administration and Education Building in the campus with a total area of 320.000m2 was completed as a result of the studies carried out in accordance with the LEED criteria in the building of 13.823 m2.;

    Sustainable Land Selection (21/26),
    Water Efficiency (6/10),
    Energy and Atmosphere (28/35),
    Innovation (4/6),
    Regional Loans (3/4),
    He was awarded the LEED Silver Certificate by showing success in Interior Quality (5/15).


Made in sustainable land use planning, especially with the contribution of True Fiction (Sustainable Sites) to 21 points 26 points in the category of Regional Priority Regional Priority) in the category of energy performance, thermal comfort, thanks to loans and roof heat island effect, 4 out of 3 points the use of innovative and efficient technologies for wastewater and fresh, thanks to efforts to reduce water use, water efficiency category managed to get 6 points out of 10 points.

According to the report published by McGraw-Hill Construction titled Health and Productivity in Green Schools, university administrators conducted a survey with university administrators in America after the construction of green buildings.;

89% of the students contribute to the healthy life,

85% of them observed an increase in educational achievements,

56% of them found that they observed an increase in students' participation in the lesson.

In order to examine the green building projects completed under the consultancy of ERKE, LEED CERTIFICATE CONSULTANCY

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