Alubond received an EPD Certificate!


Alubond revealed its environmental responsibility with the life cycle analysis made by ERKE for the aluminum composite plate product in order to reveal it transparently.
The team of technical experts in 98 countries, with 64 units authorized laboratory, testing and certification services company that provides services approved by UL Environment with comprehensive sustainability international EPD EPD documents that are approved by UL document and all of Alubond you can visit.
Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) reveal the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle. These internationally accepted and published reports reveal the effects of the product on the environment throughout its lifetime.
The use of raw materials (natural resources) of building materials, the need for energy in production processes increase the pressure created by the building sector on the ecosystem every day. Minimizing the use of natural resources and the necessary optimizations in production processes reduce the environmental impact of materials and make production processes more efficient.
In general, EPDs, which enable the environmental performance of a product to be brought to the forefront with the ‘transparency’ approach, are an indication that the environmental awareness of the manufacturer is at an advanced level.The formation of evaluations, which also provide support for production and product optimization, supports innovation and ensures that products and services with less environmental impact are encouraged.
EPD and LEED v4
EPD certificate is being sought from the materials for LEED v4, one of the most followed green building rating systems in Turkey. For the first time, all materials with an EPD certificate based on the principle of transparency and optimization, regardless of their environmental impact, will contribute points to LEED's EPD credit in a green building rating system.
In general, in projects that are worked with a LEED consultant, the demand for products with less environmental impact will increase between two companies Decertified by EPD.
What are the Effects Analyzed in the EPD?

    Global Warming Potential
    Thinning of the Ozone Layer
    Photochemical Fog Formation




    Depletion of Abiotic Elements
    Depletion of Abiotic Fossil Resources