Archeology Architecture Historical and Cultural Heritage Center received LEED Gold!


The Museum of Archaeology, Architectural History and Cultural Heritage Center has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the Green Building Council of America (USGBC).

The building, which was realized on a construction usage area of 3050 m2 with ERKE Sustainable Building Design consultancy, has been transformed from a gin factory into an Archeology, Architectural History and Cultural Heritage Center affiliated to Boğaziçi University. In the restoration carried out using the restitution data, the existing stone walls, roofs and floors were renovated taking into account the preservation of the original window and door gaps. Restoration project prepared in accordance with the new purpose of use; it consists of 2 floors excavation house, cafeteria, 4 hangar warehouses, library, water tank, security room, working offices, gin production exhibition hall, laboratory and central courtyard.

Sustainable Plots

The project is designed so that the bus stops do not exceed 400 m from the entrance to the main building. No new parking area has been created in the project, which covers corporate, commercial and residential areas. There are 8 shower areas specially provided for bicycle users.

Energy Efficiency

As a result of the energy efficiency studies implemented in accordance with ASHRAE standards at Mersin Archeology Architecture Historical and Cultural Heritage Center, energy savings of 49% were achieved compared to the reference building.

Water Efficiency

Thanks to extensive water efficiency studies, a total of 34% water savings have been achieved in the structure.

Materials And Resources

The wastes generated during the construction were collected separately and sent to the recycling facilities for re-evaluation. 32% of the materials used were recycled and 22% were selected from local materials.

Indoor Air Quality

Lighting systems in collective work areas are designed in such a way that they can be controlled by building users. Smoking areas have been created at a distance of at least 8 m from the building openings.