ASPEN has received an EPD certificate!


ASPEN floor construction and Integra® products are obtained starting from the raw materials used in steel and aluminum suspended ceiling, all relevant manufacturing, shipping, packaging and disposal of waste in the manufacturing process, including - ‘from the cradle to gate’ life cycle analysis ; study of environmental impacts are determined and tough (Institut Bauen und Umwelt – German Institute for construction and environment) ISO Type III environmental labels based on EPD has been identified as the target of the receipt of the certificate.

In the light of the data collected by taking into account the time, location and technology elements and declared by the manufacturer
The study was carried out on the basis of EN 15804 and ISO 14000 standards.
The environmental effects obtained as a result of the study conducted on 1 m2 suspended ceiling product as a functional unit were evaluated according to the frequently used environmental impact categories such as climate change, stratospheric ozone layer thinning, photochemical fog formation, eutrophication, acidification, depletion of abiotic elements / fossil resources and the use of natural resources and the effects resulting from these resources were revealed. In this regard, the loads that ASPEN Building and Floor Integra ® products will create on the environment have been calculated and the negative effects have been declared transparently and the EPD certificate has been obtained.
Why EPD?
Based on the Life Cycle Analysis assessment, the manufacturer organization shows that it has environmental awareness with the EPD certificate, which comprehensively reveals the environmental performance of the product. Consumers, on the other hand, have the opportunity to make informed choices by turning to products whose environmental concerns are taken into account during product selection.  EPD certificates not only help the product create an advantage in environmental sustainability, but also ensure that it is recommended as a green material in green buildings by complying with green building requirements.
What are the Effects Analyzed in the EPD?

    Global Warming Potential
    Thinning of the Ozone Layer
    Photochemical Fog Formation




    Depletion of Abiotic Elements
    Depletion of Abiotic Fossil Resources