BREEAM Training in Istanbul on September 10-11


BRE Global, the creator of BREEAM, one of the most widely used green building rating systems in the world, is coming to Istanbul to provide training. In the organization to be held at ERKE Green Academy, BREEAM In-Use International & UK Assessor training will be given. The training, which will be held in English, will take place on September 10-11.

BREEAM In-Use can be used for the evaluation of buildings all over the world, and the use of BREEAM In-Use provides the following opportunities:

BREEAM, BREACADEMY, BREEAM in Use Assessor training

    Reduction of operating costs throughout the building
    Optimization of the environmental performance of the building
    To see the performance of the building throughout the portfolio
    Creation of benchmarks for improvement
    Optimizing the environmental performance of existing management systems
    Increasing the building value and making it more marketable
    To be a tool for the evaluation and improvement of corporate social responsibility
    The opportunity for independent verification
    Development of internal review and audit processes
    Evaluation of building and management measurement methods in a standardized way
    Creation of a transparent platform where the owner, the owner of the building and the tenants will evaluate the improvements in the buildings
    Facilitating the inclusion of employees in the process and achieving integrity in determining productivity and sustainable business practices.

At the same time, environmental habits, decreased productivity, building-related notifications, loss of public support, best practices, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards such as standards such as the implementation of the risk management provides.

The quota will be limited to education, which building managers and owners, investors, green building consultants, architects, project managers, engineers and similar professionals professions for existing buildings (excluding dwellings) reduce operating costs and improve the environmental performance of continuous BREEAM-In-use, the method will be discussed. It is worth noting that professionals who want to become a BREEAM In-Use Assessor are required to attend this training.

For more detailed information about BREEAM In-Use:

Training date: September 10-11, 2015

Registration deadline: August 20, 2015

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Those who do not register via this link will not be admitted to the training.

You can contact ERKE for more information about the training.

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