Burla SEBA Hotel Dolapdere received LEED Gold!


Located in Dolapdere, Burla Seba Hotel was awarded the LEED Gold certificate issued by the Green Buildings Council of America (USGBC) under the consultancy of ERKE Sustainable Building Design.
ERKE, the work he does

    Sustainable Plots
    Water Efficiency
    Energy and Atmosphere
    Materials and Resources
    Indoor Air Quality
    Innovation and Regional Priority

he completed it in his titles, the project was awarded a LEED Gold certificate with a total of 60 points.
Energy and Atmosphere
According to ASHRAE standards, energy savings of 20% have been achieved. Refrigerants that do not contain CFC gases, which have serious effects on the ozone layer and climate change, have not been used in heating-cooling systems. Energy measurements were made on the basis of the entire building.
Materials and Resources
Due to the central location of Burla Seba Hotel, it is easy to transfer the separately collected waste to the correct recycling and reuse centers.
In the project, a Construction-Excavation waste management plan has been made and as a result of the implementation of this plan, 76% of construction and excavation waste has been transferred to recycling and recovery facilities instead of landfills.
In the Burla Seba Hotel Dolapdere project, 32% of all purchased materials were preferred from recycled materials on a cost basis. Taking into account the contribution of the use of local materials to the local economy, 30% of the purchased materials were supplied from local productions on a cost basis.
Waste separation boxes have been placed in common areas for the purpose of separate collection of recyclable solid waste that may arise during the use of the building.
Water Efficiency
Thanks to the selection of plants used in landscape design from local plants that require little water and the use of innovative irrigation systems, outdoor water use has been reduced by 56%.
Thanks to the correct choices made in purchasing preferences indoors, water consumption in indoor areas could be reduced by 31% compared to the base building.
Bicycle Parking
As a result of the calculations made in the project design, bicycle parks that can serve at least 5% of the building users have been implemented. In addition, 4 showers have been added to the project exclusively for bicycle users.
Open Spaces
46% of the floor area of the project has been designed and implemented as an open area.