CFD Analysis Study in Business Istanbul


Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis was performed at ERKE Sustainable Building Design Consultancy in Business Istanbul!


Wind tunnel simulation studies have been carried out for Business Istanbul. Facade loads falling on the sunscreen profiles modeled in detail in 3D have been examined. For the situation where the highest wind speed occurs, the front load pressure distributions depending on 8 different wind directions were analyzed with the help of high-speed computers.
As a result of the study, positive and negative pressure distributions on the facade, turbulent flow


Pedestrian level comfort analysis for Business Istanbul was carried out in order to calculate the wind speeds at the balcony and pedestrian level. Strict models of the building and the nearby high-rise buildings were created by adhering to the architectural plan on a 1:1 scale, and the topography of the building was modeled from isohips to include an area of 1 x 1 km2.

As a result of the analysis carried out according to the different wind intensity values given in the Beaufort scale, improvements that can be made on balconies and pedestrian levels have been achieved.