ÇIMSA Refectory Building has received LEED Platinum!


ÇIMSA A, which is one of the leading organizations of the cement industry in Turkey. Dec.Sh.the building, designed as a dining hall building, was awarded LEED Platinum certification in the LEED BD+C: New Construction (New Buildings) category by ERKE Sustainable Building Design consultancy!

In the structure offered for use as a dining hall building, it has been shown that the employee comfort is at the highest level and it has been aimed to benefit from natural lighting at a high level. Advanced studies have been carried out in the building, especially on indoor air quality, and a better working and resting area has been created for users.

Sustainable Plots

With the appropriate site selection and the service and transportation facilities to the main axes provided to the building users, the building is located on a site that is easily accessible to public transportation lines. By adding 12 bicycle parking spaces, 2 private parking spaces for low emission vehicles and 1 shared vehicle usage priority parking space to the project, it is aimed to reduce the carbon emission caused by transportation and reduce the traffic burden caused by individual vehicle use.

Water Efficiency

In the landscape areas, plants suitable for local climatic conditions were preferred and a landscape design was made that does not need water except for rain. In order to increase the water efficiency and minimize the use of mains water in the project, economical and certified products were selected in the selection of fittings and reservoirs, and a total of 58% of mains water savings were achieved. The rainwater coming to the site was transferred to the pond in the region and rainwater was evaluated. The total water saving rate obtained by detailed studies has reached 54%.

Energy and Atmosphere

Thanks to the studies carried out with ERKE Sustainable Building Design consultancy, a total of 61% energy savings have been achieved in the building.

Materials and Resources

The cooling load of the building has been reduced by using especially light-colored materials in the roof coverings and the heat island effect has been minimized on the roofs. Recycling bins have been placed in areas that are easily accessible to building users for recyclable waste. 33% of the materials used in ÇIMSA Dining Hall building were selected from local materials and 31% from recycled materials.

Indoor Air Quality

By designing more than 50% of the open spaces in the project suitable for use, it has been ensured that users benefit from the open space outside the building at the maximum level.

It is aimed to increase user comfort by using natural lighting at 86% and landscape at 98% in the interior spaces and to make maximum use of daylight.