DALSAN Gypsum Green Product Guide Has Been Published!


DALSAN Alçı Green Product Guide, prepared under the consultancy of ERKE Sustainable Building Design, in which DALSAN Alçı products are evaluated according to LEED v4 criteria, has been completed.

Operating in the plastering industry since 1932, DALSAN Alçı is one of the most important building material manufacturers in our country. DALSAN Alçı Green Product Guide, prepared as a reflection of this vision of DALSAN Alçı, contains the products used both indoors and outdoors.

Health – Indoor Air Quality
Environment – Transparent Production
Carbon Emissions/Emissions
The studies on these issues are explained in a comprehensive way by evaluating the sustainability parameters. The Green Product Guide contains detailed information about GREENGUARD Gold Certificates issued by independent organizations, EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) statements, and REACH compliance of DALSAN Gypsum products.

As a result of the studies, it has been revealed that the preference for DALSAN Alçı products, whose contents are detailed in the Green Product Guide, in green building candidate projects contributes to more than 10% of the total score of the project.

The Green Product Guide also provides comprehensive information about LEED and BREEAM certificates, which are the most preferred green building rating systems in the world, and technical information, such as which credit category has how many points.

The GREENGUARD Gold certificate shows that the chemical emissions emitted by the materials are below the limit values, so there is no harm in using them indoors. A total of 11 products of DALSAN Alçı passed more than 10,000 chemical tests in UL laboratories and were awarded the GREENGUARD Gold Certificate.

EPD certification is internationally accepted and published reports that reveal the environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle. DALSAN Alçı has 18 different products in its EPD statement.

The REACH regulation is the European Union's regulation on chemicals. Its main principles are Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical substances categories. DALSAN Alçı carries out all its productions in accordance with the conditions determined by the REACH Directive.

We Introduce Your Products To The Green Building Sector!

With this study, all design and content processes that were carried out within the body of ERKE, and all products of DALSAN Alçı were conveyed to the green building sector, architects, and investors in detail. If you want to introduce your own products to the green building sector with the knowledge and experience of ERKE, click here to contact us.

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