Daylight Education at ERKE


Daylight Analysis and Modeling training was held at the ERKE Green Academy on May 9th under the sponsorship of Guardians.

ERKE, one of the leading companies in the Turkish construction sector in the field of Green Building and Sustainability, shared its knowledge and experience with architects in line with market needs.

With the daylight training lasting 1 full day through the IES program, project-specific examinations such as Building Analysis, Sunbathing / Shading, Illumination, which are the building blocks of Green Buildings, were carried out and an efficient training was given on designing more comfortable buildings.


The content of the program,

- Designing with the Sun– Sustainability and the Sun

-The Importance of Analysis in Design

- Analysis Programs IES

- Model IT


- Radiance

- Daylight Analysis - IES, Navigator created topics.