Denizbank has received Europe's first LEED v4 CI Gold Certificate!


Denizbank Headquarters building has become the first project in Europe to receive the LEED CI (Commercial Interiors, Commercial Interiors) Gold certificate in the new version of the green building certificate LEED issued by the American Green Buildings Council (USGBC)!

The green building works for the Denizbank General Directorate, which was moved into the Torun Tower, where ERKE received a LEED v3 C&S Gold level certificate in 2014, have been completed. Denizbank General Directorate became the first project certified at LEED v4 Gold level in Europe in the Commercial Interiors category!


Energy Efficiency

As a result of the following studies, 19% energy savings were achieved in the project.

    In the cooling system, the gases that have the least impact on the thinning of the ozone layer and global climate change have been selected
    A heat recovery and energy efficient ventilation system has been used
    The lighting and HVAC system are designed to be managed by automation
    The energy and solar controlled facade design has been provided for the necessary technical analyzes to be carried out


Water Efficiency

Water usage, which is one of the most important operating costs in commercial interiors, water usage in the building has been reduced by 46% and water usage in landscape areas has been reduced by 50%, thus significant savings have been achieved in the operating costs of the office.

To reduce indoor water use

    Touchless sink faucets,
    Stepped toilet reservoir,
    The sink battery with flow reducer and urinals using only 1 liter of water were preferred.


Materials and Resources

Material and resources issues, which are an important topic both in terms of reducing the pressure on natural resources and project costs, have been one of the most priority topics while Denizbank Headquarters Building has been certified at LEED Gold level.

In the project, 80% of the waste generated during construction was recycled, and special collection boxes for recyclable waste were placed in the appropriate places of offices and general use areas.

Interior Quality & Comfort

As a result of the studies carried out in the project, 76% of the living spaces have been designed to receive daylight, and the usage area of 84% has been designed to have a qualified view.

At the end of the project, the green building applications made in the building were transferred to Denizbank personnel and building users on-site and applied.