EAE Galvanized Production Factory Received LEED Gold!


EAE Galvanized Production Factory was entitled to receive the LEED Gold certificate issued by the American Green Buildings Council (USGBC) at the end of the process carried out under the Sustainable Building Design consultancy of ERKE.

In the project that EAE Elektrik plans to use as a galvanization production factory, 40% of the open areas have been included and extensive studies have been carried out on indoor comfort, energy and water saving.

Sustainable Plots

EAE Galvanized Production Factory is located close to public transportation points in order to reduce the use of individual vehicles. In addition, special parking areas have been reserved for this type of vehicles in order to encourage building users to use low-emission vehicles. In order to facilitate transportation on the site, 20 bicycle parking spaces and 8 shower spaces for bicycle users have been designed. Light-colored materials have been preferred in order to prevent the heat island effect in harsh landscaping and roofs.

Water Efficiency

Ultra-low flow fixtures, shower heads, dual siphon system and water efficient urinals were used to save water in the building. As a result of the water efficiency studies carried out with the goal of LEED Gold certification, water savings of 45% were achieved.

Energy and Atmosphere

All the processes carried out at EAE Galvanization Production Factory are designed to optimize energy performance and minimize the damage to nature. HVAC systems with refrigerants that do not contain CFCs, which thin the ozone layer and trigger global warming, were used in the project.

Electromechanical system designs were studied in ASHRAE 90.1-2007 standards in the project and 27% energy savings were achieved in total.

Materials and Resources

5 Recycling boxes have been placed in EAE Galvanized Production Factory in locations where users can be easily accessed. During the construction, a Waste Management Plan was carried out and 75% of the waste generated during the construction was sent to recycling facilities.

In the project, 25% recycled material was used on a cost basis. In October, 36% of the materials used were selected from local materials.

Indoor Air Quality

While making material selections, especially adhesives, paints and floor systems, healthy products with low VOC emissions and GREENGUARD certified have been selected as much as possible. The Indoor Air Quality Management Plan has been made and implemented. The thermal comfort design has been made in accordance with ASHRAE 55-2004 standard.