ERKE Co-Founder Özlem Dilda Yaman interview


ERKE Co-Founder Özlem Dilda Yaman, answering the questions of ST Elektrik, defined good projects as projects that “meet the wishes of the investor, have been designed in accordance with engineering rules, environmental impacts and operating expenses have been minimized, interior quality has been ensured, necessary security measures have been taken”.

ERKE, who started his adventure with two people and whose priority is to make sustainable and original projects, continues his way with 20 people today. ”We really aimed to do our job four by four and we took part in many projects by gaining the satisfaction of our customers," said co-founder Dilda Yaman, noting that they provide project services with a very disciplinary structure.

For the continuation of the interview, Dilda Yaman, who said, “Our claim is to provide the most advanced quality design and consulting services in sustainable projects” and shared important information about the project processes, also told the story of ERKE's foundation: