ERKE Green Academy is among the 'Good Practice Examples' 3. Dec. He was at the International GreenAge Symposium.


Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSGSU) 3.Dec April 15-17, the International Greenage Symposium organized by the International GreenAge Symposium is being held at MSGSU's Fındıklı campus this year. The main topics covered in the program, the main theme of which is determined as “Sustainable Integrated Design; Creative and Innovative Approaches”, are as follows;
 *Quality of Life and Comfort
 *Sustainable Urban Spaces
 *Green Systems
 *Urban Resilience
 *Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Use Jul
 *Sustainable Project Management
 * Waste Management, Recycling, Reuse
 •Lifetime Cost and Evaluation, Maintenance, Operation
 *Smart Technologies, Automation and Hybrid Systems
 *Material Use and Sustainability
 *Legal Framework and Sustainability
 •Examples of Good Practice
 *REIT - Real Estate Investment Trusts
 *Sustainability and Art
ERKE Decisional Building Design and Consultancy made its presentation under the title of “Good Practice Examples” in the organization that brings together many different disciplines from academia to NGOs, from architecture to engineering. The presentation by Mehmet Okumuş (LEED O+M AP), in which he explained the green practices made at the LEED Platinum certified ERKE Green Academy, received acclaim.
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