ERKE was at the Green Urban Transformation Panel!


Green Rapido “2, which was held as part of the World Environment Week.The actors of urban Deconstruction came together on the same platform at the ”Green Buildings & Beyond Conference".

“Green Rapido 2.Green Buildings and Beyond Conference”was held on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at Istanbul Beyoğlu Lazzoni Hotel as part of the World Environment Week. During the all-day conference, the actors of urban transformation discussed the “Opportunity for Urban Transformation in Green Construction” in all its details.

”Green Rapido 2 with the theme “Urban Transformation Opportunity in Green Construction".The Conference "Green Buildings and Beyond” was held as two separate sessions. Following the opening speech of the conference, ERKE Co-Founder Cemil Yaman asked “What is a Green Building? What are the social, environmental and economic benefits of Green Building? What are the green building sector size and development scenarios in Turkey and America in terms of the LEED certification system? he gave a speech titled ".

Assoc. Prof. In the first panel of the event on the RIGHTS and WRONGS IN URBAN TRANSFORMATION. Dr. It was held under the moderation of Ece Ceylan Baba. To this panel; Mayor of Kağıthane Fazlı Kılıç, Ikidesign Founding Partner Murat Kader, Project Management, Investment Planning and Implementation Specialist Prof.Dr. M.Rifat Sağlam and ERKE Co-Founder Cemil Yaman participated as panelists. Cemil Yaman recommended that urban transformation be considered on the scale of green neighborhoods, followed the LEED Neighborhood Development certificate in this regard, and mentioned exemplary practices and studies on green campuses, both on location selection, neighborhood design and green infrastructure scale.