Green Star Certificate for Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul!


Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul, located on Büyükdere Street in Istanbul, has been awarded a Green Star Certificate by ERKE Sustainable Building Design consultancy.
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul, one of the prominent hotels among the international hotel chains in our country in terms of the importance it attaches to sustainability, has had these works approved and Decertified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with ERKE's consultancy.

Two of the most important of the many studies carried out during the Green Star Certificate studies were personnel trainings and energy survey studies. ERKE conducted a detailed sustainability training for all Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul employees, including senior management, on what can be done specifically for management and employees in order to become a more sustainable facility. In addition, energy survey work was carried out at the facility. October 21, 2019. The studies to be carried out after the energy survey study will provide significant reductions in the operation and maintenance costs of the Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul in the long term.

Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul Green Star certification, training personnel, and the study of two major energy will move forward to a point, as the energy of the advantages of purchasing this certificate also means substantial savings for a facility of this size.

What is a Green Star Certificate?

Initiated by the Ministry of culture and tourism “environmentally sensitive accommodation facilities” project certified under the Ministry of tourism businesses on the condition that the existing accommodation facilities and compliance with specified criteria given in the documentation of the stars shown as green and environmentally sensitive plant of the phrases written on the back of the plaque environmental label (eco-label) application. For detailed information and to get an offer: