HALK GYO Panorama Plus Tower received LEED Silver!


The tallest building in Eskişehir became the project that received the LEED Silver certificate with the highest score of Eskişehir under the consultancy of ERKE.
ERKE, which delivered the first LEED certified building of Eskişehir to its investor with ISIDEM Eskişehir factory last month, has now received the LEED Silver certificate for the tallest building of Eskişehir.
Halk Real Estate Investment Trust A.Sh.halk GYO Panorama Plus, which stands out with its characteristic of being a qualified housing project undertaken by Halk GYO (Halk GYO), is located in Odunpazarı district of Eskişehir.
Public REIT Panorama Plus, USGBC (United States Green Building Council) in line with the studies conducted by the sustainability of buildings is evaluated environmental impacts; Sustainable Land (21/26), water efficiency (5/10) and indoor air quality (7/15) by providing high rates in the criteria “in Eskisehir with the highest score in the LEED Silver Certificate” field was a project.
The project, innovative wastewater technologies water use reduction, construction waste management, use of recycled materials, the use of local materials such as efforts to minimize environmental impacts, in addition to the advantage of a central location along with the selection of land garnered high scores.
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