IÇDAŞ Plaza has received LEED Gold!


INTERNAL A.Sh.the building, which will be used as the management building of, received LEED Gold certification in the LEED BD+C: New Construction (New Buildings) category at ERKE Sustainable Building Design consultancy.
With a core that can differentiate two separate mass with fiction featured, designed by Tago architecture IÇDAŞ Plaza, building orientation, all of the front office employees and the sun be placed in a way that will get more landscape & daylight by providing a more comfortable working environment by providing the maximum benefit from the light of day and at the same time provides an energy efficient structure.
Energy Efficiency
As a result of the studies listed below, 23% energy savings were achieved in the project.
* In the cooling system, the gases that have the least impact on the thinning of the ozone layer and global climate change have been selected
* Heat recovery and energy efficient ventilation system has been used
* The lighting and HVAC system are designed to be managed by automation
• Energy and solar controlled facade design has been provided for necessary technical analyses to be carried out
Sustainable Plots
In addition to the fact that the location of the project is almost in the center of public transportation axles (October transportation – public transportation access), the number of bicycle parks proposed in LEED has also been added to the project and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by office workers due to transportation activities has been tried to be reduced.
In order to minimize the environmental damages related to vehicle parking by reducing automobile dependence, the number of parking lots in the project does not exceed the number determined by the regulation and the parking lots are located underground. In addition, the project includes systems designed to increase the use of alternative transport, such as bicycles, special parking arrangements for low-emission vehicles.
In the project, materials with high SRI (Light reflecting property) have been preferred to minimize the heat island effect in roof and other harsh landscape applications.
Water Efficiency
Starting from the design stage of the project, water efficiency has been one of the most important priorities in the design and purchasing preferences. Thanks to the studies carried out, all 10 points that can be obtained for LEED BD+C have been earned in the project. Applications related to water efficiency have been carried out under the following three main headings
• Water efficient landscaping application, Water efficient landscaping
* Innovative Wastewater Technologies, Innovative wastewater technologies
• Reduction of water use Water use reduction
* Saving 100% from mains water in landscape areas by using rainwater in landscape areas
To reduce indoor water use
* Touchless sink faucets,
* Saving sink faucet and shower head.
* Graduated toilet reservoir,
* urinals that use 1 liter of water
Materials and Resources
Arrangements have been made to collect recyclable waste in five separate waste bins in areas that are easily accessible by building users. These wastes are glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, paper. In addition, a special waste management plan has been organized for storing these wastes and sending them to recycling facilities.
In order to reduce both the pressure on natural resources and the project costs and to keep the material cost in the local economy, special attention has been paid to the use of recycled materials in the project, 31% of the purchased materials are recycled materials on a cost basis. In addition, IÇDAŞ has worked mainly with local companies with the awareness of being one of the most important industrial enterprises of our country and has used local materials at IÇDAŞ Plaza at a rate of 53%. October 19, 2019 IÇDAŞ Plaza is one of the most important industrial enterprises in Turkey.
In the project, 79% of the waste generated during construction was recycled, and special collection boxes for recyclable waste were placed in the appropriate places of offices and general use areas.
Interior Quality & Comfort
In addition to the fact that smoking inside the building is prohibited in Turkey, for indoor air quality, outdoor smoking areas are arranged at a distance of at least 8 m from building entrances, windows and air intake vents.
As a result of the studies carried out in the project, the usage area of 92% of the project is designed to have a qualified view.
Screeds, adhesives, paints, coatings and floor materials that may have a negative impact on employee health have been preferred from low emission models.