Intertech Teknopark Istanbul has received LEED Gold Certificate!


The building that Intertech plans to use as a new technology epicenter in Kurtköy has been awarded the LEED Gold certificate issued by the Green Buildings Council of America (USGBC) under the ERKE Sustainable Building Design consultancy!

Intertech Technopark new Innovation Center in Istanbul is planned to be used during construction of the negative effects to the environment that may pose preventive applications, and developed strategies on how to conserve energy and water use to a minimum thanks to the sensitive ecosystems for both operational and is constructed so as to keep the expenses.

Sustainable Plots

During the design of Intertech Technopark, it was aimed to provide ease of transportation to the user by focusing on alternative transportation conditions. Studies such as parking areas and a sufficient number of changing rooms for bicycle users, encouragement to the use of low-emission vehicles and easy accessibility to public transportation vehicles have been implemented.

Water Efficiency

Water-efficient landscaping works have been applied for the technopark and plant applications that do not require irrigation have been made in its location. Compared to a standard structure, water savings of 51% were achieved in the project.

Energy and Atmosphere

Intertech Teknopark has achieved savings of 24% as a result of energy efficiency studies carried out by ERKE Sustainable Building Design Consultancy. Studies such as advanced refrigerant management and in-building energy measurements have been aimed at reducing costs and consumption expenses.

Materials and Resources

Waste management work that may occur during construction was carried out in the structure, 23% of recycled materials and 30% of local materials were used.

Indoor Air Quality

During the operation, indoor air quality regulations have been applied and low emission products have been preferred for materials containing building chemicals such as paints and coatings. Studies in accordance with ASHRAE standards have been applied in the interior thermal comfort design.

Intertech Teknopark, which can be considered one of the largest R&D centers in the technology sector of Europe, has Decisively contributed to the awareness of the green building sector in Turkey by obtaining the LEED Gold certificate.