ISIDEM Eskişehir Factory has received LEED Certificate!


ISIDEM Eskişehir Factory received LEED Certificate with 44 points in BD+C: New Construction category at the end of the process carried out by ERKE Sustainable Building Design and Consultancy. At the same time, the factory is the first LEED certified project of Eskişehir.
Many studies have been carried out by ERKE within the scope of the 7 main categories of the LEED certificate, in parallel with the sustainability goals of ISIDEM. some of the works carried out for this project with a closed area of 10,000 square meters are given below.

    The project site determined at the site selection stage is not near any wetlands or in an absolute protection zone,
    The heat island effect has been minimized by using harsh landscaping and light-colored materials on the roof
    Alternative public transportation facilities have been provided to the factory,
    Bicycle use has been encouraged with bicycle parking and shower areas,
    Local and adaptable plants such as Thymus, Vulgaris, Black Pine, which do not require maintenance and irrigation in the green areas at the project site after two years, have been selected and the irrigation needs of the landscape areas have been reset,
    A saving of 48% has been achieved in mains water usage with efficient vitrified and luminaire selection,
    A waste management plan has been prepared for construction waste and it has been ensured that the waste is collected and accumulated separately. In October, 76% of all waste was recycled,
    Recycled material was used up to 33% of the total material cost,
    Local materials were used up to 30% of the total material cost.

As a result of the studies carried out by ERKE within the scope of LEED certificate, ISIDEM Eskişehir Factory,

    Sustainable Plots (9/26),
    Water Efficiency (10/10),
    Energy and Atmosphere (6/35),
    Interior Quality (7/15),
    Innovation (4/6),
    Regional Loans (3/4) ,
    Materials and Resources (6/14)

by receiving his points, he was entitled to receive a LEED certificate.