Istanbloom Has Received LEED Gold!


Inspired Building A.Sh.Istanbloom, a residential, office and living center project that attracts attention with its eye-catching architecture, has been awarded the LEED GOLD certificate issued by the Green Building Council of America (USGBC).

Istanbloom, located in the center of Istanbul, in Zincirlikuyu and consisting of a total of 46 floors, received the LEED Gold certificate by scoring a total of 63 points in the New Construction category.

He also drew attention with the successful credit scores he received especially in the titles of Sustainable Land (23/26), Water Efficiency (8/10), Regional Priority (4/4) and Innovation (4/6). Thus, Esin Yapı has also proved the importance it attaches to building efficiency, employee health and environmental impact issues.

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