Izka Construction Mavişehir Educational Institution Received LEED Schools Certificate!


Izka Construction Mavişehir Educational Institution, opened in Izmir, was entitled to receive a LEED Certificate in the BD+C: Schools category awarded by the American Green Buildings Council (USGBC) at the end of the process carried out under the green building consultancy of ERKE Sustainable Building Design Consultancy.

Mavişehir Educational Institution became the first project in the Aegean region to receive a LEED Schools (Green School) certificate.

Designed with a focus on green building and horizontal architecture, Izka Construction Mavişehir Educational Institution aims to create a livable and sustainable breathing space in the region, and after TED Rönesans College and Cihangir College Bahçeşehir Campus, it has Turkey's 3rd LEED certificate. he has been to school.

Sustainable Plots

Izka Construction Mavişehir Educational Institution, which was built on a land area of 7540 m2, was designed to make public transportation more preferable and to increase the use of bicycles. Dec. Materials with low SRI values were used in order to prevent the heat island effect in harsh landscaping and roofs. In the project, special sheltered bicycle path and sheltered bicycle parking area designs, including 22, were also included.

One of the most important features of the project is that it does not disturb the natural ecosystem by preferring ‘z+1 floor‘ while surrounded by high-rise dense urban texture and does not interfere with bird migration routes. The project includes a gym of 685 m2, a tribune for 60 people, 42 classrooms of 40 m2, a dining hall for 366 people, a conference hall for 200 people, as well as social areas such as a science laboratory, a library, music and painting classrooms.

In addition to all these, studies have been conducted on ‘Common Social Use Areas’, which are a special credit to October schools. On this loan;

The social facilities of the project (gym, library, parking, etc.) to be shared with the external environment and
Sharing of social facilities services of the immediate environment with school students
there are options. The first of these options was selected at Izka Inşaat Mavişehir Educational Institution and areas such as parking areas, indoor basketball court, playgrounds and science museum were opened to the public.

Water Efficiency

Plants that do not need irrigation and will adapt easily to domestic climatic conditions were used in the project landscape. As a result of all the comprehensive studies carried out with the goal of LEED certification in the project, 47% water savings were achieved. In addition, innovative waste water technologies have been studied in the project and the percentage of savings in toilets has reached up to 50.8.

Energy and Atmosphere

As a result of the energy modeling study in the Izka Construction Mavişehir Educational Institution project, the savings rate approved by the USGBC was 15.2%. According to the relevant standard, energy savings of 33% in indoor cooling, 43% in indoor heating, 66% in indoor lighting, 54% in outdoor lighting, 70% in pumps, 30% in fans have been revealed.

Materials and Resources

23% of the materials used in the construction phase of Izka Inşaat Mavişehir Educational Institution were selected from recycled materials, and domestic materials were preferred in 32%.

Indoor Air Quality

During the design phase of the project, natural daylight and ventilation were greatly benefited from.

The project also aims to establish unity with the ‘Green School Projects' in the world, to organize events and to create a platform for participation from all over the world for these events. In addition, an educational tour to be given by ERKE has been added to the school calendar in order to inform teachers and students about the benefits of green building, all the green building studies carried out at the school and the benefits of these studies.