TEPE Betopan Factory received LEED Gold!


The buildings of Tepe Betopan, one of the leading companies in the building materials sector within the structure of Bilkent Holding, in its new facility have been entitled to receive the LEED GOLD certificate issued by the Green Building Council of America (USGBC).

ASO 2. Organized Industrial Zone located in Tepe betopan Factory, building design + Construction LEED Gold certification by taking the total in the category while you have the right to receive 60 points, particularly water efficiency (10/10), Innovation (5/6), regional priorities (3/4) and indoor air quality (13/15) in a high proportion of successfully received headers, Tepe betopan, building efficiency, employee health and environmental impact issues also showed that one of the leading companies in the industry.
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Details about some of the works carried out in the building, which was entitled to receive a LEED Gold certificate in ERKE's green building consultancy, are examined below.
Energy and Atmosphere
• Compared to a similar building at the standard level, the total energy saving is 26% and the total energy cost saving is 12%.
* Natural ventilation has been used at the maximum level in the building, thus both saving energy and protecting the environment and increasing the comfort of living in the building.
* Refrigerant gases that cause ozone depletion and global warming were used at a minimum level in the building, thus protecting the environment.
Water Efficiency
By using water-saving fixtures, mains water usage was reduced by 45% throughout the building.
Local plants were selected and a landscape design was made that does not require watering at all.
Interior Quality
* Smoking areas have been established at the entrances of the building and at a distance of at least 8 meters from the air intake openings.
* The amount of fresh air in the building has been increased by 30% according to the standard values, thus increasing comfort.
* The living areas in the building benefit from daylight.
* Building chemicals and floor materials that will not harm human health have been used indoors.
* Suitable lighting control and thermal control in the living areas of the building have been arranged and designed according to various usage purposes, thus increasing the comfort of employees.
Sustainable Lands and Transportation
• All necessary measures have been taken to prevent environmental pollution during the construction phase.
• A remote area of water resources has been selected for the project, which is not the first agricultural land, where protected living species do not live.
• The heat island effect is reduced by using light colored roofing material and hard floor material.
• Individual staff in order to reduce carbon emissions from vehicle use from the services, provided a shuttle service to the nearest public transport stop, the minimum level has not been exceeded parking, shared parking places parking spaces for low emission vehicles special vehicles and is also reserved are reserved.
* Secured bicycle parks have been established to support bicycle transportation.
* Light pollution has been prevented with a suitable lighting design.
Materials and Resources
* Local materials were used in order to reduce carbon emissions from transportation.
* Materials with recycled content were used in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources.
* Recycling waste bins have been placed in all areas in order to contribute to recycling.
* The wastes generated during the construction phase were sent to recycling and evaluated.