The Kale Green Product Guide is Complete!


The Green Product Guide for Sustainable Buildings, in which all of Kale's products are evaluated according to LEED v3 and LEED v4 criteria under the consultancy of ERKE, has been completed!

The guide firstly provides a quick overview of Kale's activities during the sustainability journey and then details the working logic, priorities and point weights of LEED and BREEAM, one of the most preferred green building rating systems in the world. Afterwards, the conformity of Kale's products to green building rating systems and their contributions to green building are examined in detail. The Kale Green Product Guide, which has been prepared as a very important resource especially for architects, investors and project developers, has been printed on completely recyclable, FSC certified paper.

In the title of water efficiency, the efficiency ratios of toilet bowls, built-in reservoirs, urinals, washing systems and sink faucets in Kale's product range were evaluated. In addition to this study, all Kale products were evaluated according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria and it was calculated which credit they brought to the project they were used for and how many points. October 2019. According to the studies carried out, it was determined that if the specified products are selected, 43% water efficiency is achieved in residential projects and 59% water efficiency is achieved in office projects.

The products, which have already completed a total of 8 different EPD certificates in all ceramic tile product groups, are one step ahead of their competitors, especially in LEED v4.By evaluating the products in the Materials and Resources category, the prerequisites and credits provided by the use of Castle products in this category were detailed up to the sub-product ranges.

Finally, the contribution of Kaleseramic ceramic tiles and ceramic sanitary ware to indoor air quality was evaluated, as they are considered healthy materials that do not emit emissions by nature.

We are Introducing Your Products to the Green Building Sector!

With this study, all the design and content processes were carried out within the body of ERKE, all the products of Kale were transferred to the green building sector, architects and investors in detail. If you want to introduce your own products to the green building sector with ERKE's knowledge and experience, just contact us by clicking here.