Blower Door Test prevents leaks, saves energy, and improves indoor air quality

Our skilled and knowledgeable team, in conjunction with the state-of-the-art equipment, provides Blower Door Test that adheres to the US Standard ASTM E1827-11.

We strive to minimize your energy consumption by identifying and addressing areas of heat transfer inefficiencies through a thorough Blower Door Test. Our expert recommendations are designed to enhance the overall energy efficiency of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Blower Door Test plays a crucial role in preventing the development of humidity and mold by reducing energy losses from air leaks. This helps maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Additionally, we use the test to detect points of air infiltration where cigarette smoke may escape, ensuring that common areas within homes and indoor buildings remain safe and free from harmful pollutants. With our in-depth analysis and preventative recommendations, we aim to enhance the quality of your indoor living and working spaces.