BREEAM consulting focuses on guiding and supporting project teams throughout the design, construction, and management phases of buildings certification to comply with the green building practices.

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is an internationally acknowledged system for certifying the sustainability of buildings, assessing various aspects of a building's environmental impact and performance.

Who Provides BREEAM Consulting Services?

BREEAM consulting services are provided by expert firms specializing in sustainable building practices and certification processes. BREEAM, a leading sustainability certification program, encourages eco-friendly building design and operational practices.

As an experienced green building consultant firm, we have completed over 150 Green Building and LEED Consulting processes. These consulting firms deliver crucial support and knowledge necessary for designing and certifying sustainable building projects, working closely with building owners, architects, and construction teams.

What Does a BREEAM Consultant Do?

Project Evaluation: BREEAM assessment firms conduct a thorough evaluation of the project prior to commencing the sustainable building certification journey. This includes identifying the appropriate BREEAM rating level suitable for the project.

Strategy for Certification: These firms aid in formulating an effective BREEAM certification strategy tailored to the project. This strategy encompasses meeting BREEAM standards throughout the design and construction stages.

Design Process Input: BREEAM assessment firms play a pivotal role in guiding the project’s design towards sustainable building principles. This involves considerations such as energy efficiency, water usage reduction, sustainable material use, and enhancing indoor environmental quality.

Documentation and Application Management: These firms are responsible for compiling all necessary documentation for BREEAM certification and overseeing the application process.

Collaborative Efforts and Coordination: They ensure smooth communication and collaboration between the building owners, architects, builders, and other key parties, maintaining adherence to BREEAM requirements throughout the project.

Educational Role and Stakeholder Engagement: BREEAM assessment firms also take on the role of educating the project team about sustainable building practices and the intricacies of the certification process, thus raising awareness and understanding among all stakeholders involved.

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How can BREEAM Consulting Benefit My Project?

BREEAM consulting aids projects in enhancing environmental performance, optimizing resource efficiency, and improving overall sustainability. Gaining BREEAM certification signifies dedication to eco-conscious practices, potentially reducing life-cycle costs and enhancing the asset value. It also appeals to stakeholders, tenants, and customers who value environmentally responsible building strategies.

What is the BREEAM Certification Process?

The BREEAM certification process involves registering a project and fulfilling specific environmental and sustainability criteria. Projects earn credits in diverse categories such as energy use, water management, and indoor environmental quality. Documentation is submitted for assessment, and projects are scored and awarded one of several certification levels based on their performance.

How Does a Building Qualify for BREEAM Certification?

To qualify for BREEAM certification, a building must meet essential prerequisites and achieve a set number of points through sustainable practices. Points are awarded for performance in categories like energy efficiency, water use reduction, and indoor environment enhancement.

What are the Different Levels of BREEAM Certification?

BREEAM offers multiple certification levels, with each level representing a range of points scored: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, and Outstanding. The specific level attained by a project is dependent on the total points accrued through meeting the set sustainability benchmarks.

How long does it take to become BREEAM certified?

The duration for achieving BREEAM certification varies based on the project's scale, complexity, and the desired level of certification. This timeframe can span from several months to a few years. Typically, the assessment process, which includes pre-assessment, evidence gathering, and final evaluation, takes a few months.

How much does BREEAM certification cost?

The cost of obtaining BREEAM certification is influenced by factors such as the size and location of the project, as well as the certification level being targeted. Expenses include registration and assessment fees, along with the costs incurred in adopting and implementing environmentally sustainable practices.

Can existing buildings become BREEAM certified?

Existing buildings can obtain BREEAM certification by meeting the standards set out in the BREEAM In-Use program. This program assesses the building's ongoing performance and supports sustainable practices in its operations and maintenance.

What are BREEAM credits and how are they earned?

Within the BREEAM framework, credits are awarded for implementing environmentally friendly measures in various areas, such as energy conservation, water efficiency, and enhancing indoor environmental quality. These credits are achieved by fulfilling the specific requirements outlined in the BREEAM criteria.

What is a BREEAM Assessor?

A BREEAM Assessor is an accredited individual who has passed an exam demonstrating knowledge of BREEAM requirements and methodologies.

How do I choose a BREEAM consultant for my project?

When selecting a BREEAM consultant, consider their experience, qualifications, and track record with BREEAM projects. ERKE is a consultant who has successfully led green building projects and possesses in-depth knowledge of the specific BREEAM scheme being targeted.

What qualifications should a BREEAM consultant have?

A BREEAM consultant should have a solid foundation in sustainable design and construction, experience with the BREEAM certification process, and understanding of the specific BREEAM scheme in use. Holding a BREEAM Assessor certification is also advantageous.

What is the role of the BREEAM consultant in the design and construction process?

The BREEAM consultant is vital in ensuring the project complies with all BREEAM requirements. They collaborate with the project team to embed sustainable practices into the design and construction process and guide on securing BREEAM credits.

How does a BREEAM consultant work with architects and engineers?

A BREEAM consultant works alongside architects and engineers to incorporate sustainable practices into the project. They identify opportunities for achieving BREEAM credits and ensure that the project's design and construction align with BREEAM standards.

Can a BREEAM consultant assist with energy modeling and simulation?

Yes, a BREEAM consultant can aid in energy modeling and simulation, which assesses the project's energy efficiency and identifies ways to enhance performance and secure BREEAM credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

A BREEAM assessor ensures compliance with BREEAM standards by offering specialized advice, collaborating with the project team, and scrutinizing documentation to confirm that all essential measures are implemented for achieving BREEAM certification.

Common challenges in the BREEAM certification process involve adhering to distinct criteria, collaborating effectively with project stakeholders, and maintaining comprehensive documentation. Engaging a BREEAM assessor can assist in overcoming these obstacles and steer the project towards successful accreditation.

A BREEAM Assessor handles documentation by gathering and structuring the required data to ensure it complies with BREEAM standards. They also aid in submitting the documentation for evaluation by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).