GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reports express the economic, environmental, social and administrative performances of companies.

The main content of GRI reports are sustainability reporting principles, sectoral annexes, border protocols and technical protocols. The framework can be applied by corporations of any size or structure from all sectors and regions. This reporting framework is already guiding thousands of institutional sustainability reports worldwide.

GRI Reports have levels of application named indicator protocols marked economic (EC), environmental (EN), labor practices and decent work (LA), human rights (HR), society (SO) and product responsibility (PR).

GRI Reports offer operational advantages to corporations by better understanding economic, social and environmental risks they could encounter and the opportunity to develop solutions to these. On the other hand, these reports have high international brand value and corporations that adopt them get to showcase that they work towards sustainability institutionally. GRI Reports are also integrated policy and analysis documents that cover the financial status, compliance with national and international regulations and social responsibility actions of companies.