What is EDGE Certification?

EDGE Certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a green building certification system. EDGE Certification provides a measurable method for project managers to optimize their designs. Buildings that qualify for EDGE Certification must achieve a minimum of 20% energy, water, and embodied energy savings in materials. It also aims to reduce carbon emissions from buildings while lowering operational costs.

What are the Levels of EDGE Certification?

EDGE Certification is divided into three levels:

  • LEVEL 1: EDGE Certified: Awarded to projects that achieve a minimum of 20% efficiency in energy, water, and materials.
  • LEVEL 2: EDGE Advanced (Zero Carbon Ready): Given to buildings that achieve 40% energy savings.
  • LEVEL 3: Zero Carbon: Awarded to buildings that support global initiatives to achieve zero carbon emissions for all buildings by 2050, with new buildings achieving zero carbon by 2030.

Why Choose EDGE Certification?

EDGE Certification helps reduce operational costs and environmental impact by exploring technical solutions in the early design stage. It identifies anticipated operational savings and reduced carbon emissions based on the user's selection of green measures and data input, creating a compelling business case for green building.

What Are the Requirements for EDGE Certification?

EDGE Certification is granted when a minimum of 20% efficiency is achieved in three categories: Energy, Water, and Materials. It employs a simple pass/fail system to determine whether a 20% savings in operational energy, water, and embodied energy in materials has been achieved.

How Does the EDGE Certification Process Work?

The EDGE Certification process includes the review of project documents and verification of EDGE compliance in the design. Design review and site inspections are required for EDGE Certification compliance.

As ERKE, with our team of accredited EDGE experts, we have been providing consultancy for over 150 Green Building projects since 2007. We continue to provide consultancy for more than 70 Green Building projects actively in our country and in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malta, Italy, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.