Who Provides LCA Consulting?

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) Consultant is a Professional firm who specializes in sustainable product and process assessment.

LCA is a methodology that evaluates the environmental impacts of a product or process throughout its entire life cycle. LCA consulting firms provide guidance and expertise to conduct comprehensive life cycle assessments.

What Do LCA Consultant Firms Do?

Project Evaluation: LCA consulting firms evaluate the project before initiating the life cycle assessment process. This involves defining the scope of the assessment and identifying the environmental impact categories to be examined.

Development of Assessment Strategy: Consulting firms assist in developing the most suitable assessment strategy for the project. This strategy includes defining system boundaries, data sources, and functional units for analysis.

Data Collection and Analysis: LCA consulting firms collect relevant data for the product or process under assessment and perform rigorous environmental impact assessments. This includes considering factors such as resource consumption, emissions, and energy use.

Interpretation and Reporting: Consulting firms interpret LCA results and prepare comprehensive reports that convey the environmental performance of the product or process. These reports often include improvement recommendations.

Collaboration and Coordination: Consulting firms facilitate communication and coordination among product manufacturers, designers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the assessment aligns with the project's objectives.

Education and Awareness: LCA consulting firms educate project teams on life cycle assessment principles and strategies for making environmentally conscious decisions.

What to Consider When Choosing an LCA Consulting Firm?

Certification and Experience: Ensure that the LCA consulting firm has the necessary experience and accreditation to conduct life cycle assessments for various products and processes.

At ERKE, sustainability experts with accreditations such as LEED, BREEAM, Passive House Designer, TRUE Advisor, GSAS Expert, EDGE Expert/Auditor, and WELL AP are available.

References: Review the consulting firm's previous LCA projects and client references. Successful assessments and satisfied clients demonstrate the firm's capabilities in the field.

Since 2007, ERKE has undertaken the LCA consultancy for dozens of projects, managing the LCA process for manufacturers from various countries, from Australia to the United Arab Emirates.

Compatibility: Assess whether the consulting firm is compatible with the specific requirements of your product or process assessment. Choosing an appropriate expert is crucial, especially for complex or specialized evaluations.

The ERKE team consists of expert engineers and architects in the field. Our team collaboratively handles the LCA process with the experience of hundreds of sustainability projects.

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