Corporate Sustainability Consultancy

Together with our team of experts, we provide professional services to organizations to help them adopt and implement sustainable business practices.

Corporate sustainability consulting aims to help companies become more environmentally and socially responsible while improving their financial performance.

Services provided by our expert consultants can range from conducting sustainability assessments and developing sustainability strategies to implementing sustainability programs and projects to measuring and reporting sustainability performance.

Our team assists organizations in the following matters under Corporate Sustainability Consulting:

  • Sustainability risks and opportunities are identified, and efforts are made to reduce risks and capture opportunities.
  • Efforts are made to reduce your environmental impacts and to use your resources more efficiently.
  • A culture of sustainability is fostered within your organization by involving employees, customers, suppliers, and community stakeholders.
  • Your reputation and brand image are enhanced through sustainable business practices.
  • By meeting the legislative requirements, international sustainability standards and guidelines are complied with.

In summary, as ERKE, with our experience in the sector and our team of fully accredited experts, we work under the name of Corporate Sustainability Consulting to help organizations integrate sustainability into their business activities, create a positive impact on the environment and society, and achieve business success at the same time.

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