Green Product Guideline

The Green Product Guideline, also known as the Green Catalogue, evaluates material manufacturers' products for compliance with green building certification systems. Thus, when applying for green building certification systems, project teams can easily decide which product would be more appropriate to use, by getting support from the Green Catalogs. They examine in detail the scope of the credit that each product is corresponding to, if selected and used in the project. Information can be obtained about the advantages of the products used in the projects with the help of the Green Catalogs.


Green Catalogs also increase the likelihood of manufacturers being preferred by highlighting their products. The products developed and produced within the scope of sustainability ensure efficiency and provide healthy and comfortable interior spaces for the project teams during the green building certification process, eliminating the possibility of users coming into contact with products that are harmful to their health. With the help of these catalogs, where the effects of each product are presented clearly, the differences between the products are revealed and their recognition is increased

In the LEED Rating System, these documents can refer to the credit categories the product refers to, such as EPD, Low Emitting Materials, and Indoor Water Use Reduction. These catalogs, which contain details from which credit requirement is met in line with the selected product, provide significant support to the Green Building project teams regarding material selection. Not to mention the comfort of the building users!

Green Product Guideline
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