Electrical Design & Consultancy

ERKE' s professional electrical engineers consider their designs within the scope of sustainability and prioritize systems, 'energy efficiency', 'human health', and 'ecological balance'; examining the triangle of human, nature, and economy.

In order to minimize electricity costs and ensure system security at the maximum level, the designs we have designed with the highest efficiency are as successful as engineering; offer users comfortable and sustainable structures. In addition, we undertake projects at international standards by giving utmost importance to energy quality and continuity, indoor comfort, human life, and safety. By giving maximum importance to the creation of realistic, feasible projects, and the harmony of tender files and projects; We contribute to the completion of the design, tender, and implementation processes in a healthy, fast and budget-friendly manner.

By using the Revit program in the BIM infrastructure, we offer excellent engineering solutions with professional software, as well as having the equipment to provide international service with 3D models.

  • To produce projects with international standards.
  • To prepare the most optimum project prepared by evaluating investment costs, operating conditions, and expenses, investment budget.
  • Minimizing operating costs with energy efficiency.
  • Supporting the formation of maximum indoor quality.
  • Minimizing the negative effects on the environment.
  • Developing installation proposals compatible with building aesthetics.
  • Ensuring the building and life safety at the highest level.
  • Ensuring energy quality and continuity.
  • Ensuring data quality, security, and continuity.
  • Prepare a feasible project that is compatible with all relevant elements.
  • To ensure the healthy completion of the tender and implementation process by preparing specifications and material lists compatible with the projects.

  • Medium voltage projects, power transmission lines
  • Low voltage projects
  • Weak current systems projects
  • IT system projects
  • PV (photovoltaic) projects
  • Lighting automation projects, scenarios
  • Building automation system design, projects, point lists, scenarios
  • Sustainability reports
  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering reports
  • Tender files (specification, quantity)
  • Tender process consultancy
  • Field consultancy

  • Transformer, generator, UPS capacity calculations
  • Cable section calculations
  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Grounding and lightning protection calculations
  • Lighting calculations

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • Caneco BT
  • Caneco BIM
  • SIMARIS Design
  • DIAlux evo
  • Relux

  • We prepare technically correct projects at international standards using professional software.
  • We contribute to all processes with 3D models.
  • We offer the most suitable optimum design proposals for the building and the investor by conducting engineering studies and feasibility studies.
  • We prepare preliminary, license, and application projects.
  • We prepare coordinated designs with other disciplines by doing superposition studies.
  • We help to make the application in the most accurate and fast way by preparing detailed drawings.
  • We prepare tender files containing specifications and quantities compatible with the project.

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