Lighting Consultancy

We are trying to achieve light with a balanced meeting of aesthetics and engineering.

We aim to offer efficient, comfortable, and at the same time aesthetically illuminated buildings within the framework of sustainability principles. We design lighting and automation systems by evaluating solar utilization data with Daylight Models. By addressing the effects on human health and life comfort of lighting, we ensure that the effects on the ecosystem are minimized through light pollution analyses, as well as achieving maximum indoor quality. We support the creation of healthy operating conditions by creating sustainable automation scenarios that meet the needs of users with the aim of reducing the operating costs of the building with energy-efficient lighting design.

During the implementation phase, we assume the role of a bridge between the employer and the implementer, starting from the tender process, and ensure that the lighting system is installed in accordance with the design, technical, and aesthetic requirements.

  • Developing a design in line with the spirit of architecture
  • To obtain illumination below the glare limits that provide the homogeneity values and illumination levels determined by international standards.
  • To provide user comfort and energy by creating control strategies suitable for the usage characteristics of the space.
  • To save energy by maximizing the daylight utilization potential of the building.
  • To prepare the most optimum design prepared by evaluating investment costs, operating conditions and expenses, investment budget
  • Minimizing operating costs with energy efficiency
  • Supporting the formation of maximum indoor quality
  • Minimizing the negative effects on the ecosystem
  • Prepare a feasible project that is compatible with all relevant elements
  • To ensure the healthy completion of the tender and implementation process by preparing specifications and material lists compatible with the projects.

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • DIAlux evo
  • Relux
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