Sustainable Material Consultancy

Green building consultants recognize the critical role of building materials. Research indicates that we spend the majority of our time indoors, making it essential to select products that are safe and healthy for both people and the environment. The trend towards prioritizing products that support environmental sustainability and human health is reflected in green building certifications.

Obtaining certifications such as LCA, EPD, HPD, Material Emission Certificate, and Recycled Content Certificate can enhance the competitiveness of products in the global market and demonstrate a responsible production model that benefits both people and the environment. Our team of experts has provided over 100 certification services and is available to answer any questions.

Our services under the green building are:

  • LCA (Life Cycle Analysis)
  • EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)
  • HPD (Healthy Product Declaration)
  • Material Emission Certificate
  • Recycled Content Certificate
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