MOSTADAM is a green building certification system, created by Sustainable Building. It is a holistic sustainability rating and certification framework designed to tackle the enduring sustainability within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

MOSTADAM Certificate encompasses various sustainability concerns relevant to KSA and aligns with the goals of Vision 2030.

What are the MOSTADAM Certification Levels?

≥ 20 MOSTADAM Green

≥ 35 MOSTADAM Bronze

≥ 50 MOSTADAM Silver

≥ 65 MOSTADAM Gold

≥ 80 MOSTADAM Diamond

What are the MOSTADAM Rating Systems?

MOSTADAM Design + Construction (D+C): This comprehensive Green Building rating system is designed to appraise sustainability endeavors in newly constructed buildings.

MOSTADAM Operation + Existing (O + E): This all-encompassing Green Building rating system is tailored to assess sustainability initiatives within existing structures and renovation projects.

What are the MOSTADAM Credit Categories for Design + Construction?

  • Site Attributes
  • Community Connectivity
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Region and Culture
  • Education and Innovation
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Management and Operations

What are the MOSTADAM Credit Categories for Operation + Existing?

  • Policies, Management & Maintenance
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Education and Innovation

How Does the MOSTADAM Certification Process Work?

The MOSTADAM Certification process includes the review of project documents and verification of MOSTADAM compliance in the design.

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