My Green Lab Certification is a comprehensive program that empowers laboratories to adopt sustainable practices. Designed for scientists, researchers, and lab personnel, it involves a step-by-step process, including baseline assessments and recommended changes. Certification levels, ranging from Bronze to Green, reflect the extent of green lab best practices adopted. My Green Lab Certification provides digital certificates, feedback reports, resources, and ongoing support, fostering a culture of sustainability in laboratories worldwide.

Why is lab certification important for sustainability?

Lab certification is crucial for sustainability as it establishes a framework for laboratories to adopt environmentally responsible practices. By assessing and certifying labs, organizations like My Green Lab drive behavioral changes, reduce resource consumption, and align scientific research with global sustainability goals. Certification provides recognition, encourages continuous improvement, and fosters a culture of sustainability in labs, contributing to a more environmentally conscious and responsible scientific community.

How does My Green Lab Certification contribute to environmental responsibility in laboratories?

My Green Lab Certification drives environmental responsibility in laboratories by providing a structured framework for adopting sustainable practices. Through a tiered approach, labs progress from Bronze to Green levels, incentivizing continuous improvement. The certification assesses and guides labs in minimizing resource consumption, reducing waste, and fostering a culture of sustainability. This process not only enhances environmental impact but also aligns with global sustainability goals, promoting responsible laboratory practices worldwide.

What are the evaluation categories for obtaining My Green Lab Certification?

To obtain My Green Lab Certification, labs must undergo assessment in 14 key categories, listed below.

  • Community
  • Recycling & Waste Reduction
  • Resource Management
  • Purchasing
  • Green Chemistry & Green Biologics
  • Water
  • Plug Load
  • Fume Hoods
  • Cold Storage
  • Large Equipment
  • Infrastructure Energy
  • Field Work
  • Animal Research
  • Travel

Criteria involve adopting sustainable practices, with the certification level determined by the percentage of best practices adopted and their extent. Labs receive a digital certificate, comprehensive feedback report, and resources, fostering a culture of sustainability. The certification encourages continuous improvement for a more environmentally responsible and efficient laboratory.

How is energy efficiency assessed in the My Green Lab Certification process

In the My Green Lab Certification process, energy efficiency is assessed through a comprehensive evaluation of laboratory practices. The certification includes a detailed survey covering topics such as equipment use, maintenance, and energy consumption. Lab members provide insights into their energy-saving practices, and the assessment considers the overall efficiency of energy usage. This holistic approach ensures that energy efficiency is thoroughly examined within the context of laboratory operations.

Are there different levels of My Green Lab Certification?

Yes, there are different levels of My Green Lab Certification. Labs can achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or the highest level, Green, based on their score in the certification assessment. Each level reflects the percentage of adopted green lab best practices and the extent to which they have been implemented by the lab, allowing for a flexible progression towards higher levels.

My Green Lab Certification Levels

What is the cost of My Green Lab Certification?

The cost of My Green Lab Certification varies depending on the number and purpose of enrolled labs, offering tiered pricing options. The price table from My Green Lab is provided below. For detailed pricing information, visit, noting that prices are subject to change. The listed prices cover certification fees only; additional charges are not included.

Price Bands 1 Lab 2-10 Labs 11-24 Labs 25-49 Labs 50+ Labs
Cost Per Lab(Non-Commercial) 500 USD 450 USD 400 USD 375 USD 350 USD
Cost Per Lab(Commercial) 4000 USD 3600 USD 3200 USD 3000 USD 2800 USD
Total Discount - 10% 20% 25% 30%

Frequently Asked Questions

My Green Lab Certification is beneficial for labs of all sizes, including small facilities. The program's adaptable approach allows labs to implement sustainable practices at their own pace, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility regardless of their size.

The certification process typically takes 6 to 9 months from the baseline assessment to receive My Green Lab Certification, allowing time for labs to implement recommended changes.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the My Green Lab Certification community foster a collective approach, enabling labs to share insights, best practices, and innovations for advancing sustainable practices in laboratories globally.

My Green Lab Certification complements other sustainability frameworks, such as LEED, by focusing specifically on laboratory practices. It enhances overall sustainability efforts and aligns with broader environmental initiatives.

Yes, certified labs receive ongoing support, guidance, and resources from My Green Lab, fostering continuous improvement and maintenance of sustainability practices for long-term impact.