Karsiyaka Shopping Center


Services Provided:

Area: 102.258 m²
Investor: Rönesans Holding
Location: Izmir, Turkey


Hilltown Karsiyaka: Redefining Your Shopping Experience with Eco-Friendly Transformation

Located in the heart of Istanbul and bringing a new breath to modern shopping, Hilltown Karsiyaka stands out not only as a shopping mall but also with its commitment to sustainability. This massive complex, with a size of 102,000 m², has achieved LEED Gold Certification, solidifying its dedication to environmental awareness. As ERKE, we contributed to this prestigious certification by providing LEED and Energy Modeling services for the project.

Leading in Sustainability: Hilltown Karsiyaka’s LEED Achievement

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a globally recognized green building certification system developed to minimize the environmental impacts of buildings and create sustainable building standards. Hilltown Karsiyaka has demonstrated its success in this area by achieving a total score of 60/110 points for LEED Gold certification.

Sustainable Sites - 21/28

The project excelled in sustainable site management and transportation accessibility, aiming for excellence in various criteria from site selection to alternative transportation solutions. Features such as public transportation access, bicycle storage, and parking spaces for low-emission vehicles stood out.

Water Efficiency - 8/10

Hilltown Karsiyaka showcased an environmentally friendly approach with water-efficient landscaping and innovative wastewater technologies. These solutions significantly contributed to water conservation efforts.

Energy & Atmosphere - 12/37

Efforts in energy efficiency optimized energy consumption and improved energy performance. Measurement and verification systems enhanced the project’s energy management sensitivity.

Materials & Resources - 6/13

By prioritizing recyclable and local building materials, waste management and sustainable material use were encouraged. This minimized the environmental impacts during the construction process.

Indoor Environmental Quality - 6/12

Solutions aimed at improving indoor air quality were crucial for the health and comfort of building occupants. Low-emission materials and effective ventilation systems maintained high indoor quality.

Innovation - 4/6

Innovative design solutions and contributions from LEED Accredited Professionals displayed innovative approaches to sustainability, earning the project extra points in this area.

Regional Priority Credits - 3/4

By considering local environmental priorities, solutions aligned with regional sustainability goals were developed. Emphasis on areas such as energy performance and thermal comfort ensured the project’s success in regional criteria.

As ERKE, our LEED and Energy Modeling services contributed to Hilltown Karsiyaka achieving its environmental sustainability goals. Through energy modeling, we optimized the building’s energy performance and developed sustainable design solutions.

Hilltown Karsiyaka is not just about enhancing your shopping experience but also prioritizing environmental awareness, positioning itself among the next-generation shopping malls. We take pride in the steps we’ve taken toward a sustainable future with this project.

For more information about the services we offer in similar projects, you can visit our website and contact us to guide you on your sustainability journey. With projects like Hilltown Karsiyaka, we continue to work towards leaving a more livable world for future generations.

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