Metropol Istanbul Shopping Center Block F


Services Provided:

Area: 133.000 m²
Investor: VARYAP-GAP Joint Venture
Location: Istanbul, Turkey



Metropol Istannbul Shopping Mall LEED Gold 

Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall F Block stands out in the heart of Istanbul with its modern architecture and innovative design. Spanning a massive area of 133,000 m², this shopping center not only offers a unique shopping experience to its visitors but also makes a difference with its sustainability and eco-friendly practices. As ERKE, we played a crucial role in the success of this project by contributing to its achievement of the LEED Gold certification.

LEED Certification: The Gold Standard in Sustainability

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a globally recognized and respected green building certification system. The Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall F Block project has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by earning the LEED Gold certification. This certification was achieved through the building's energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality, and minimized environmental impacts.

In this project, ERKE provided LEED consultancy services as well as energy modeling services. Energy modeling helps optimize the building's energy consumption, aiming to reduce both operational costs and environmental impact. The analyses and recommendations made within this scope played a critical role in achieving the LEED Gold level.

Leading Practices in Sustainability

Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall F Block is equipped with numerous sustainable practices. These include energy-efficient lighting systems, water-saving fixtures, and the use of renewable energy. Additionally, significant steps have been taken to improve indoor air quality and waste management.

Contributions to the Community and Environment

This project offers significant benefits not only in terms of environmental sustainability but also in terms of social impact. Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall F Block enhances the quality of life in Istanbul, providing visitors with a healthy and comfortable shopping experience. Moreover, it contributes to the local economy by creating jobs and supporting regional development.

Investment in the Future

Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall F Block, built with sustainability principles, contributes to our goal of leaving a livable world for future generations. As ERKE, it is a source of great pride for us to be involved in such important projects and to support the achievement of sustainability goals.

In conclusion, Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall F Block stands out as a project that offers significant environmental and social benefits. With its commitment to sustainability and innovative practices, this shopping center allows us to look forward to the future with hope. As ERKE, we are proud of our contributions to this project and aim to continue our efforts for sustainability in similar projects.


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