Star Of Bosphorus Data Center


Area: 20.000 m²
Investor: CROC
Location: Istanbul, Turkey



Star of Bosphorus LEED Gold Certification

At ERKE, we take pride in achieving the LEED Gold certification for the Star of Bosphorus project, located in the heart of Istanbul. This 20,000 m² data center stands out as a pioneering project in sustainability and energy efficiency. Designed to be both environmentally friendly and high-performance, this project incorporates numerous innovative and sustainable practices. In this blog post, we will focus on the details of the Star of Bosphorus project and the services we provided as ERKE.

Sustainable Sites: 15/26

The Star of Bosphorus earned significant points in the Sustainable Sites category. The project excels in public transportation access and alternative transportation options. Notably, it achieved a perfect score of 6/6 for public transportation access, contributing to easier city transit. Green transportation options, such as bicycle storage and changing rooms, are also included in the project. Additionally, parking spaces for low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles promote environmentally friendly transportation.

Water Efficiency: 10/10

Achieving the maximum score in the Water Efficiency category, the Star of Bosphorus stands out with its water-saving landscaping and innovative wastewater technologies. Minimizing water use enhances the project's environmental and economic sustainability.

Energy & Atmosphere: 16/35

Energy efficiency is a focal point of the Star of Bosphorus. At ERKE, we contributed to the project with optimized energy performance and energy measurement and verification services. Various strategies were implemented for the fundamental commissioning of building energy systems and optimizing energy performance. The project achieved 16 points in the Energy & Atmosphere category, marking a significant success in this area.

Materials & Resources: 5/14

In the Materials & Resources category, the project earned notable points through construction waste management and the use of recycled content materials. The use of locally sourced materials and a high percentage of recycled content helped the project meet its sustainability goals.

Indoor Environmental Quality: 8/15

Indoor environmental quality is crucial for the health and comfort of the occupants. The Star of Bosphorus aimed to enhance indoor air quality through increased ventilation and the use of low-emission materials. IAQ management plans implemented during and before construction played a critical role in maintaining indoor environmental quality.

Innovation and Regional Priority Credits

The Star of Bosphorus project also scored high in the Innovation and Regional Priority Credits categories. With innovative design solutions and criteria such as the LEED Accredited Professional, the project earned a total of 8 points in these areas.

At ERKE, we provided LEED certification consultancy, electrical project design, energy modeling, and lighting consultancy services for the Star of Bosphorus project. These comprehensive services significantly contributed to the project’s sustainability and energy efficiency goals. Particularly, our energy modeling and lighting consultancy helped optimize the building’s energy consumption and minimize its environmental impact.

The Star of Bosphorus is an exemplary project in sustainability and energy efficiency. At ERKE, we are immensely proud to be part of this project and to have contributed to achieving the LEED Gold certification. The Star of Bosphorus sets a model for future projects and reaffirms our leadership in the field of sustainability.

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