Spine Tower


Area: 79.834 m²
Investor: Soma Holding
Location: Istanbul, Turkey


One of the modern structures adorning Istanbul’s skyline, Spine Tower stands out with its sustainability and innovative design. This magnificent building, boasting an office space of 80,000 m², not only impresses aesthetically but also excels in environmental sustainability. Crowned with the LEED Gold certification, Spine Tower minimizes its environmental impacts while garnering praise for the high quality of life it provides to its users.

Gold Standard in Sustainability with LEED Certification

Spine Tower has achieved LEED Gold certification with a score of 64 points. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is an international standard that evaluates the environmental performance of buildings. By successfully meeting these standards, Spine Tower has achieved its sustainability goals.

Sustainable Sites - 25/28

Spine Tower’s location offers easy access to eco-friendly transportation alternatives. Its proximity to public transportation, bicycle storage areas, and electric vehicle charging stations supports sustainable transportation. Additionally, eco-friendly practices such as the preservation and enhancement of green spaces around the building and stormwater management are highlighted in this category.

Water Efficiency - 6/10

Spine Tower has made significant strides in water efficiency. Through water-saving landscape practices and innovative wastewater technologies, the building has successfully minimized water consumption, providing substantial environmental and economic benefits.

Energy & Atmosphere - 15/37

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of Spine Tower. The building has reduced its energy consumption through optimized energy performance and advanced cooling systems. Continuous monitoring and assessment of energy performance ensure that energy efficiency is constantly improved.

Materials & Resources - 6/13

The use of recyclable materials and the preference for regional materials reduce Spine Tower’s environmental footprint. Waste management and recycling practices during the construction process have also made significant contributions in this area.

Indoor Environmental Quality - 4/12

Spine Tower has implemented various measures to enhance indoor air quality. Increased ventilation and practices to maintain indoor air quality during construction provide a healthy working environment for building users.

Innovation in Design - 5/6

Spine Tower stands out with its innovative design. Innovative solutions integrated into the project by LEED Accredited Professionals enhance the building’s performance.

Regional Priority Credits - 3/4

Under regional priority credits, the focus has been on optimizing energy performance and managing stormwater. This has allowed for solutions that address the environmental needs of the region.

ERKE has made significant contributions to Spine Tower’s achievement of the LEED Gold certification. By providing LEED, Energy Modeling and Air Tightness Testing services, we optimized the building’s energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Spine Tower offers a perfect blend of sustainability and modern design. This structure, which minimizes its environmental impact with its LEED Gold certification, plays an important role in Istanbul’s sustainable development. With the environmental and economic benefits it provides, we proudly state that Spine Tower is an exemplary project.

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