Abdullah Gül University


Area: 14.000 m²
Investor: Abdullah Gül University
Location: Kayseri, Turkey

Abdullah Gül University: A Step Ahead in Sustainability

Abdullah Gül University has made a significant stride in sustainability by achieving LEED Silver certification. Located in Istanbul and encompassing 14,000 m², this university administrative building demonstrates a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and enhancing energy efficiency. At ERKE, we are proud to have contributed to this project by providing LEED Certification Consultancy, Energy Modeling, and Daylight Modeling services.

Sustainable Sites: 21/26

Abdullah Gül University excelled in the sustainable sites category. The project achieved full points in areas such as site selection, development density and community connectivity, and public transportation access. These efforts highlight the project's commitment to environmentally friendly transportation solutions, particularly through the provision of areas for low-emission vehicles and public transportation access.

Water Efficiency: 6/10

In the water efficiency category, significant points were gained through water use reduction and innovative wastewater technologies. These efforts demonstrate the university's commitment to effectively managing and conserving water resources.

Energy and Atmosphere: 8/35

Energy efficiency is a critical aspect of sustainable buildings. Abdullah Gül University earned points for optimizing energy performance and enhanced refrigerant management. However, there is room for improvement in areas such as increasing the use of renewable energy and green power procurement.

Materials and Resources: 4/14

The project gained points in the materials and resources category by using recycled content and regional materials. However, there is potential for further improvement in areas such as construction waste management and the use of rapidly renewable materials.

Indoor Environmental Quality: 5/15

Improvements in indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and daylight access aim to enhance the health and comfort of building occupants. The project succeeded in areas such as increased ventilation and thermal comfort.

Innovation: 4/6 and Regional Priority Credits: 3/4

The project scored highly in the innovation category with innovative design solutions and the involvement of LEED Accredited Professionals. Additionally, it performed well in regional priority areas such as optimizing energy performance and ensuring thermal comfort.

Abdullah Gül University is a model project in sustainability and energy efficiency. At ERKE, it is an honor to be part of this project and support the university in achieving its sustainability goals. The university’s success, marked by LEED Silver certification, will inspire many more sustainable projects in the future.

Our LEED Certification Consultancy, Energy Modeling, and Daylight Modeling services helped Abdullah Gül University achieve its sustainability goals. Through detailed analyses and innovative solutions, we minimized the project's environmental impact and enhanced energy efficiency.

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