In the training, where the product sustainability certificate for use in the most preferred green building evaluation systems in the world such as LEED and BREEAM will be examined in detail, and eco-labels that may be encountered by material manufacturers will also be explained.

Within the scope of the training to be given by the LEED AP architect and engineer team, who took part in green building projects within ERKE and are experts in their fields, the ERKE Green Academy building will be visited in the company of educators.

Subject Headings

  • Green Building General Information
  • LEED Certification Introduction
  • BREEAM Certification Introduction
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • YDA Usage Areas
  • YDA Methodology
  • Ecolabels and Use in Marketing

Life Cycle Assessment is a method used to assess the environmental impacts of materials and buildings associated with all phases of the life cycle. Life cycle assessment deals with the calculation of the environmental impacts from the extraction and processing of the raw material of a product, process, or service, through the production, distribution, and use of the product, to the recycling or final disposal of the materials that make it up.

Widely accepted procedures for conducting LCA/YDDs are incorporated into the International Standards Organization's (ISO) 14000 series of environmental management standards, specifically ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

EPD, Environmental Product Declaration; (Environmental Product Declarations) are declarations that declare that a product or service defined according to ISO 14025 has an environmentally transparent production policy after being evaluated with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method detailed within the framework of the ISO 14040 standard.

By participating in our LCA-EPD and Sustainable Materials training, EPD, Indoor Advantage GOLD, etc. You can have information about internationally valid certification systems such as By contributing to your product sustainability efforts, you can stand out among your competitors and gain prestige in the sector.