What Is Parksmart Certification

Parksmart Certification is a rating system designed to assess and recognize the sustainability of parking facilities. It has been created by the International Parking Institute (IPI).

Parksmart Certification provides a comprehensive evaluation of the sustainability efforts of a parking facility, covering aspects such as energy efficiency, ease of transportation, water conservation, and environmental quality.

Parksmart Certification is awarded to parking facilities designed to reduce environmental impacts and support sustainability standards. The certification process involves a rigorous assessment, considering the entire construction process under the guidance of our team of green building experts, including design, construction, operation, and maintenance practices.

Parksmart Certified facilities are recognized as green parking facilities that have elevated environmental sensitivity and sustainability standards.

How Are New Buildings Applying for Parksmart Certification Rated?

New Buildings:

  • Parksmart Bronze (110-134 points)
  • Parksmart Silver (135-159 points)
  • Parksmart Gold (160+ points)

What Level of Certification Can Existing Buildings Applying for Parksmart Certification Achieve?

Existing buildings can receive the Parksmart Pioneer Certification when they score 90 points or higher.

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