What is Product Carbon Footprint?

Product Carbon Footprint is a metric that measures the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere during the production, distribution, and consumption processes of a product.

It is used as a criterion to assess the environmental impact of a product and analyze it from a sustainability perspective. Product Carbon Footprint calculations are typically conducted using a method called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

What Factors Are Considered in Product Carbon Footprint?

  • Raw Material Extraction: Greenhouse gas emissions during the extraction of materials used in the product.

  • Manufacturing Stage: Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing of the product.

  • Distribution and Transportation: Greenhouse gases generated during the transportation and distribution of the product from the production site to the consumer.

  • Use Stage: Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the product's use by consumers.

  • Waste Management: Greenhouse gas emissions arising from waste management processes at the end of the product's life.

Each of these stages is taken into account to determination of a product carbon footprint. The resulting data shows how much greenhouse gas has been emitted throughout the product's life cycle, from production to end-user consumption. This information can be provided to consumers and producers to help them understand and reduce the environmental impact of products.

What Is ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Standard?

ISO 14067 is an international standard titled "Environmental management - Carbon footprint of products - Requirements and guidelines for quantification and communication." This standard aims to provide guidance for calculating, monitoring, and communicating the carbon footprint of products.

ISO 14067 offers a framework for evaluating the environmental impact of products by considering resource use and greenhouse gas emissions throughout their life cycle.

How Is the ISO 14067 Standard Applied in Carbon Footprint Calculation

  • Data Collection
  • Emission Calculation
  • Reporting
  • Certification and Verification
  • Monitoring and Improvement

The ISO 14067 standard serves as a valuable tool for organizations aiming to create more transparency and awareness about sustainability and environmental impacts. It guides them in reducing and improving the environmental effects of their products while enabling consumers to make more informed choices.