Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are declarations that a product defined by ISO 14025 has been evaluated through life cycle assessment methods defined by ISO 14040 and has an environmentally transparent production policy.

Marketing-wise this declaration indicates product quality and investigates the environmental performance, ecological footprint and emission rates of a product or service. In preparing EPD’s, company provided data is used in accordance with Product Category Rules-PCR.

Since building sustainability is mainly determined by the environmental performance of materials used, EPD’s are fundamental for documenting the sustainability of buildings and the use of green-sustainable materials. This adds increased value to this method for producers.

Well-defined EPD documents that clearly state the contents and efficiency of materials are crucial to the green building market.

EPD is recommended and used by green building certification systems such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB; and also increases the European Construction Products Regulation compatible quality, marketing and sale value of buildings. The European Commission defines and encourages EPD’s as a tool to declare the environmental performance of building materials and therefore base sustainable building claims on a sound basis. Additionally, this system of documentation complies with EU law and export market requirements.